Soul – e – loq’d

1. Pink

The fire from the oil refinery was soaring high at quite a distance. It is flaring in the darkest time of the night. There are no other lights in the area apart from few street lamps. The light reflected off her face partially. She was glowing in the dark like an angel with aura.

I traced my index finger along her forehead. Her eyes were closed but she wasn’t sleeping, no, not yet. Trailing my finger from her forehead to her nose down to her lips I observed the prettiest face I had ever seen, there, a smile had bloomed on her lips. As I traced her lips, it parted a bit, making her gasp for breath. Running my finger down to the chin, I rested my finger there for a few seconds. Her skin, smooth as silk, was a pleasure to both, the finger tip and eyes. Golden, she was, reflecting the light from the fire, as if her skin was covered in gold. I laid there a few moments keenly observing and soaking in the details, including the minute ones. The black spots she had here and there on her skin might have been an imperfection to some, but to me it wasn’t. The dips and scars on the skin might be an imperfection, but to me it wasn’t. The teeth which was not perfectly aligned might be considered as an imperfection, but to me it wasn’t. Each and every single cell seemed perfect, if not more!

Moon is considered to have intoxicating effects, as, if you go out on a moonlit night and look at the moon for sometime you will feel light headed. There she lay in darkness where she was the only thing glowing gold, reflecting the brightness, intoxicating me with every breath she took, every pore she had on the skins, every hair strand on her, every single cell in her body was luring me to them making me feel light headed. Well there it was, my moon.

I ran my finger from the chin to the sides of her face. Small dimples on either side started appearing because her lips were changing to form into a smile. Chin to cheeks and to ear, my index finger made a path. The small circles I drew on her ear made her to shudder with tickle. She was half asleep but no, not sleeping. She turned her head slowly towards me and her eyelids opened slowly. Her eyes met mine. Her lips had a smile, a very ecstatic smile. Though it happened in a few milliseconds time, it felt like eras had passed by. Enchanting it was. No, She would never be mine, but I didn’t want her to be mine or anybody’s for that matter. Letting her be herself was I loved the most. She had that grace, that exuberance, that care, that love which was what described her. No, I didn’t want her to change. She was perfect with all the imperfections she had.

She looked at me straight to the eye and smiled. The love and care out of her eyes made her appear enchanted. I leaned forward towards her lips. Gently I closed my eyes and I stopped for a second. I could feel her warm breath on my lips. I just couldn’t resist, I leaned forward till our lips touched each others. Her breathing was becoming heavy; so was mine. Kissing her passionately, I forgot about all the worries and dramas in life. Pure bliss, I could feel only the bliss! As the kiss grew stronger, I thought,

‘Do I blame Karma and live with inadequacies, or would I do something to alter the Karma and make life euphoric?”

After all, everything in this universe is merely vibrations.

——– ——– ——– ——– ——– ——– ——– ——– ——–

2. Golden Green

The molten-gold beams gleaming down between the gaps of the forest’s canopy, splashed onto the floor. The ground itself appeared fiery because of the glow. The space around us is in shades of gold, green and brown. The sun was hurriedly sinking to the west. The sky was changing from blue and white to red and orange.

The running water in the cave was ice cold. It felt mystic to go inside the cave and see nothing but pitch black. One of the five senses totally shut down! But that would just make you more aware of the other senses.We had to listen carefully and find the origin of the stream by just sound and feel. Spiders were hanging down at the beginning of the cave, but then again you don’t see anything beyond that few feet from the cave entrance. There could have been spiders, snakes and god knows what. But we never bothered, after all we are all the offspring of the same mother, nature. No other being would attack unless it feels vulnerable. It’s merely a mechanism for self-defense.

We walked through the forest covers to the open field. We have to reach down to the road, before the last strands of gold vanished. Everything around was lush green and looked very much alive. The ice-cold water from the stream had rejuvenated both body and spirit. In the west we could see the blazing fireball get devoured by the horizon, It was a mixture of red and yellow (Golden to be precise!) all across the sky as if it was bloodshot from the setting sun. We climbed the hill to enjoy the last few moments of the visual treat; last few minutes of the day. Sunsets and sunrises are magical, one would never get tired of seeing them over and over again. It would only make you think and realise the wonders of mother nature. One thing about looking up in the sky is that, it makes you realise how infinitesimal you are in this humongous world. Still we complain about our lives and the inadequacies in it. We forget that we are like cells in our body. If the cells don’t work together and thinks selfishly about itself only, the body would malfunction. Same would be the case with the universe. We don’t exist, we co-exist!

I climbed a  big rock to be on more higher ground, thereby giving myself a bigger view of the whole scenario. She was behind me and wanted the same for herself. I understood that and  I offered her my hand, but she wouldn’t take it. “If I can do it why can’t she?”, must have been the thought she had at  that time. She wanted to do it by herself. She looked for places where she can climb the same rock. She found herself an alternate route to be on the same place as I was. She just wouldn’t give up, a wonderful quality I found in her.  Challenge her and she will make sure she did it. I admired her courage and passion to do things she wanted to do. She might be stubborn at times, but that just defined who she was. Never would she cave herself in, for others’ thoughts. A standalone soul which wouldn’t get biased based upon the environment. But then again, she is naive; one could easily manipulate her thoughts, provided she trusted that person completely. She mesmerized me throughout. I wondered how she could be at both extremities and the same time.

She is strong, but fragile.

She is determined, but doubtful.

She is stubborn, but ebullient listener..

She is bad-ass, but soft-cored.

She is mischievous, but genuine.

The list would go on….

When she was abode the rock, we looked towards the west and realised it was one of the most beautiful things ever. Watching the blazing fireball go down the horizon, being aware of yourself. The breeze was strong and when it blew, her hair floated in front of her eyes. I looked into her face, she had a smile, a genuine one. She was glowing in the half-light. She caught me staring at her and she turned to me with a ‘what’ look. I couldn’t help but smile and look right into her eyes. She sensed what I was feeling. I pulled her close to me, looked straight into her eyes. Her iris had lots of detailing that I had never noticed before. It lured me in like a vortex. I found myself getting slowly pulled towards her. I closed my eyes; of course the view of the setting sun was splendid and I shouldn’t have missed it. But enjoying this moment with my eyes closed was a hundred folds better. I had an even more magnificent image inside me with my eyes closed. I could feel something rise inside me. Something intense like the setting sun itself but, inside me. I got lost as our lips graced each others.

Suddenly I heard my friend call out my name to show something. I sensed that from the tone he called out my name; the excitement. Maybe something spectacular was happening around us which I shouldn’t be missing. But there was nothing more sublime to me at the moment, than what I was seeing with my eyes closed. I could see it all! The setting sun, the red clouds, the wind gushing through our faces, the lush green grass around us, the big rocks, all of it and us right in the middle. Even with my eyes shut, all the details were crystal clear..

“Was it forever? Or will it be just another sweet souvenir down the memory lane?”, the thought crossed my mind.

——– ——– ——– ——– ——– ——– ——– ——– ——–


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